i know this is a controversial subject, and even i sometimes contradict myself. but it REALLY erks me when people use the excuse that they’re “hardwired” or “its in the genetics” to have an eating disorder.

you were not hardwired. starving yourself is not genetic. if it were genetic, evolution would’ve just made you skinny, dumbass

when talking about your eating disorder, people say “i didn’t ask for this”. im guilty of it too. but rather, what i mean is i didn’t ask to get addicted. but its not like someone shoves their hand down my throat everyday. i made a stupid decision to do it, and now i cant stop. 

just like my urge to do cocaine. i crave it everyday. i think about it everyday, but was i “hardwired” to blow lines everyday? no. i made a stupid decision to do it, and well, that’s in the gutter along with all my money.

an eating disorder isn’t genetic. but when you’re raised by a parent with tendancies and you’ve lived restriction, it becomes apart of you. im so sick of hearing people’s bitching about how their brains are wired to do it. it’s an addiction. it’s a weakness. it’s a “disorder”. it’s not a disease.

  1. Paul Roese said:

    you make some good points. hope you are well and beating the heat.

  2. wearethebradleys said:

    Addiction is hardwired.

    • unless your mother was smoking dope with you in her belly, addiction isn’t genetic. genetics or “hardwiring” does make you more vulnerable to become an addict, but just because your dad was addicted to crack ten years before you were conceived, doesn’t mean you’re going to crave it when you’re 25, if you’ve never done it before. my mother, i can tell you never did drugs with me in her stomach. i wasn’t born a fuck up. my mom is the biggest anti drug nazi you’ll ever meet.
      and even so, lets say youre right. you’ve apparently never read more than one post from my blog. i don’t have bulimia because i think im obese or because society hates me or blah blah blah. i purge for the euphoria. yes. it started out as a weight thing. but then i did alot of cocaine and lost alot more weight that way.. but through the drugs, i was still purging. the purging was a high. now that i tttrryyy not to do drugs anymore, it’s become about the weight again. the numbers on the scale stopped going down. they froze. nothing i can do will make them less. and it’s about the high, too.
      the addiction to drugs was merely an example. eating disorders are not hardwired. they’re not a screw you were born without.

  3. Bleeker Street Thyme said:

    I disagree a bit here. I think that nurture plays a HUGE roll, but I think that biologically, my brain chemistry is more susceptible to anxiety and depression than some. I think that nurture turned takes that predisposition to anxiety and lead me to coping methods via my ED, but that inherently, I function differently than a mentally healthy person. And, yes, I agree with the above commenter that addiction absolutely IS genetic: addicts are enormously more likely to have other addicts I’m their family history. Depression, bipolar, and eating disorders run in families too.

    Nope, I didn’t come hard wired to starve. But I definitely came hard wired to experience increased sensitivity to anxiety, and a predisposition to addiction. The perfect storm occurred, and it is not 100% one thing or another,

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